Zach and tarrant in the apartment was the second episode of the ATBW series, uploaded to youtube on August 12, 2013.
Zach And Tarrant In The Apartment

Zach And Tarrant In The Apartment

The PlotEdit

Episode: #2
Upload date August 12, 2013
Starring Characters Zach, Hahah, Susan, Tarrant
Songs Used Thrift Shopping by Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis

The plot starts when zach is sitting on his green chair complaining about the tv, why the green light is better than the orange light, he then changes the channel to something scary. Afterwards tarrant comes and asks him if he read the news. Zach replies "I don't know, i may not." Tarrant tells him that he should have read it, which earlier he hasn't but he is not sure about yesterday. Zach asks tarrant what's behind his back and tarrant replies nothing. Zach tell him that he doesn't want to see anything and he yelled out nooooo. Zach then goes outside then rides his electric scooter to ride around the complex then he comes back to his home appartment building. The zach gets on the phone and calls judy and chad, his neighbors across him. Judy argues with chad telling him to stop it. Then chad gets zach's phone call and answers. Zach tells chad that he needs a credit card to pay on his bill. Chad tells him he doesn't have one and zach replies that he doesn't have the money that he needs to keep his house. Judy then snatches the phone from chad and shortly hangs up the phone and telling zach never to call him again. She tells chad that he is not supposed to be calling people he does not know and tells him to sit in his chair at that instant.

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