ATBW Underground CemeteryEdit

ATBW Underground Cemetery-2

ATBW Underground Cemetery-2

ATBW In the Underground Cemetery was the first episode of the 2013 series The ATBW Show. In this episode zach and tarrant lived in Apartment E while hahah and susan lived in Apartment C. Later on in Zach And Tarrant In The Apartment, Zach moves to a different building and lives in Apartment G, in building 315, with hahah susan and tarrant.

The PlotEdit

Episode: #1
Upload date July 29, 2013
Starring Characters Zach, Hahah, Susan, Tarrant
Songs Used Jaws Theme

Zach is at the corner of building 327 talking about the Armortown Underground Cemetary and said that his friends are going to it, they want to but they didn't have to if they didn't want to they just want to. He then goes to his apartment and says stuff about going to the cemetery. Later at night he and tarrant are in zach's room and zach wants to go to the underground cemetery but tarrant informs him that Dr. Mason is not there. He misspells the name saying Dr. Manson, zach replies to him that it is Dr. Mason. Meanwhile, hahah and susan are out on their back and hahah asks susan what zach and tarrant are doing above them. Susan then replies to him that zach and tarrant are always above Apartment C. Hahah then replies back that they should go up there to see how they are doing. Later zach has a nightmare and afterwards he wakes up. Zach finds out where he and tarrant are going and tarrent tells him that they're going to the cemetery. Zach replies why, then tarrant replies back "because you said you wanted to." Zach then realizes he forgot about it and they decide to go there instantly. When they get there they try to speak to Dr. Mason, who is actually fake, according to zach. Then the cemetery explodes down and then zach says that the cemetery exploded and it was not fair, Dr. Mason is not real and he decided to ask hazel about it and then the episode ended.