ATBW in: The Screaming Terror

ATBW in The Screaming Terror-1

ATBW in The Screaming Terror-1

ATBW in the screaming terror is an episode that is part of the 2013 series The ATBW Show. The episode was uploaded on August 29, 2013 and armortown gets into a serious problem, as the sky gets dark with blood red clouds, armortown is at a risk.

The Plot

Episode: #5
Upload date August 29, 2013
Starring Zach, hahah, susan, tarrant

Zach finds himself stranded in an underground tunnel so he escapes and he jumps over pink spikes as armortown is geting faded by the minute. Meanwhile hahah susan and tarrant are in their bedroom wondering where zach is in which case tarrant calls for zach but no sign is clear. Tarrant calls zach several times but still noting. He then says that he's not going to play games on him and keeps calling until zach pops out of nowhere and jumpscares the three stoplights, scaring them instantly. Zach then laughs at it in a creepy way and he told them that they wouldn't think they get them and asks would he. Zach then disappears leving the stoplights on their own. Hahah says that he wouldn't be kidding again and saying that his scream is creepy. Later zach swallows tarrant at the beach and then the show ends.