This wiki enforces page protections. Any article that has persistent vandalism will be protected by an admin to keep pages from vandalism or other acts of rule violations.

Protection Purposes

Protection Purpose Protection Symbol
Semi Protection (Temporary)
Semi Protection (Indefinite)
Full Protection (Temporary)
Full Protection (Indefinite)

You can contact an administrator anytime if you feel if a page is being vandalized. Vandalism is a violation of our Editing Guidelines and it will lead to the accounts being banned. The padlocks are seen on the top right corner of the articles. To get a page protected, just contact an admin and they will lock the article ASAP. All users and IP addresses have penalties when editing, before they get banned. Some articles can be blocked temporarily to keep the article from being vandalized for a short period of time. There are two temporary lock padlocks, light blue and pink. Light blue is temporary semi protection, while pink is temporary full protection. Semi protection is for articles that are vandalized by IP addresses or newly registered users, but not by autoconfirmed users. The semi protection padlock is the gray padlock and is seen on articles with vandalism by IP addresses. Full protection is for articles that are vandalized by autoconfirmed users. The full protection padlock symbol is the brass one. Indefinite does not mean infinite or eternity, it just means that it is unclear when the protection should be removed. It may be removed at an appropriate time upon an admin's discretion.

Protection Made By The Wiki Founder


Pages protected by the wiki founder are the ones with the blue padlock. This padlock is seen on certain policy articles and they shall not be unprotected or edited without approval by the founder. Only the wiki founder can use this padlock. Even bureaucrats can't use this padlock at all.