This page has all of the rules for this wiki. These apply everywhere on the wiki and any failures to comply with them can result in a block without warning. Please remember to stick with these policies and take them to the heart. This wiki is the place where everyone can build and edit pages on the wiki, and it is a fun place to make friends. Users are not banned to be punished, but are banned to prevent any further abuse to the wiki. It doesn't matter if you are registered or unregistered, you still have to follow these rules, no exceptions.

NOTICE: You must be 13 to use this wiki, according to the terms of use, and you must be 16 to use this wiki if you live in the EEA.

Article Guidelines

Keep in mind that there are rules when editing or posting comments on the articles, and keep in mind that if not followed can lead to a block, but not for too long.

Editing Guidelines

Keep in mind that when editing you need to keep it clear that when you submit an edit you need to abide by these rules and keep in mind that if these are not followed will get you blocked.

  1. When editing an article please be sure to add a summary when you publish your edit.
    • Doing this will allow other users can understand why you've edited the page and why you've done it.
    • When you are making just a small minor edit just check "Minor Edit"
  2. Before creating a page please be sure there is not already a page made on this wiki and get permission from ATBWWarrenTheSim19LaneEckerds157 or another admin.
    • Asking permission will notify an admin so they don't get shocked easily. Notifying them first will not shock them as much. This may be weird, but it is something admins can stick with.
    • Not asking will lead to your account being blocked without notice.
    • Admins won't know if you make a page without asking unless they're on the wiki.
  3. When creating a page please be sure to respect our editing guidelines and general visual organisation of other already present pages.
    • Not respecting our guidelines can lead to your account being banned.
  4. Do not add, edit or remove categories without the permission from an admin of the wiki.
    • This helps prevent chaos from going on on the wiki and keep the wiki under admin's control.
    • If you ask first admins will not get shocked when they find an article with newly added categories.
    • Failure to ask can get you banned from the wiki.
  5. You may edit with one account and one account only.
    • If you use more than one account to edit articles, all your accounts (including your main account) will be blocked by an admin if caught.
    • Sockpuppetry is not tolerated on this wiki and it can lead to your account(s) being blocked.
  6. Do not remove videos, protection symbols or tables from pages when editing.
    • The reason we need the videos and tables is to inform other users when they read the articles on the wiki
    • The padlock symbol is to allow other users to know that the page is protected by an admin

Commenting Guidelines

When you post comments on the articles keep in mind there are a few best practices when doing so.

  1. Comments must be on-topic
    • Any off-topic comments will be deleted without warning
    • Article Comments are only for asking questions about the article and for talking about the article, or include information that is helpful..
    • All other comments must be posted in the discuss page.
  2. No offensive language or you will be banned
    • You may not use any offensive language, homophobic language, racist language or any insulting language.
    • Censoring them with #'s, %'s, or *'s is not allowed either.
    • Anyone caught doing this will be permanently banned from the wiki.
  3. Do not make large quotes on this wiki.
    • While making quotes is fine, they cannot be quoted again afterwards, this is considered spam and can get your account blocked.

Posting On Message Walls

Spam, scams, etc.

  1. No spam is allowed in anyway
    • Even on your own message board you need to avoid spam posts. Admins may delete a message from your board. Please use discuss to talk about other things.
    • Posting spam links is not allowed.
  2. No scamming is tolerated
    • Scams are deleted by an admin and the user responsible may get blocked without warning.
    • Posting links to trick people is not okay.
  3. Do not make large quotes.
    • Like said in the article section, you need to avoid making large quotes on this wiki, even on your own message board.
    • Quotes are allowed but don't repeat it so many times.
  4. No mass advertising.
    • Posting mass advertising to other sites that aren't related to ATBW will get you blocked.
    • Unauthorized advertising is grounds for permanent bans without any notices.
  5. Do not use the message boards as a social media site
    • Treating this wiki like a social media site is grounds for an infinite block without notice, there will be no warnings given for breaking this rule.
    • Using the message boards for chat is considered as spamming and the person will be blocked depending on the severity. To start an actual chat, please go to Special:Chat, that's where all chatting conversations are meant to be. Also, please keep up with the chat policies and guidelines
  6. Links to any outside site will not be tolerated. Certain Youtube channels are the only exceptions.
  • The reason this isn't allowed is because some sites may be inappropriate for some users, and that is a violation. Some of these sites are possibly illegal in the U.S.A.
  • Some of these sites may contain malaware and for the saftey of our users, we do not allow any of these links, except for youtube channels.
  • Be sure to always post the text to display like "My YouTube Channel" for instance. This way the thread won't be considered as spam.

Offensive Language

  1. No swearing is tolerated.
    • Swearing is insults to users and will not be tolerated.
    • Using substitutes will not be tolerated either.
    • Swear words in another language are also not allowed.
    • No warnings are issued for swearing. First offense is a block for a week.
  2. No homophobic language is allowed
    • Homophobic language is a violation of FANDOM's Community Guidelines and anyone not following them could get blocked from all other wikis across the FANDOM network.
  3. Racism is strictly prohibited
    • Using racial slurs could mean serious consequences if you use them and could get you blocked indefinitely.
    • Anyone can edit and no person should be rude to anyone no matter what. This community is supposed to be friendly and fun.

Off-Topic Conversations

  1. Off-topic Conversations will not be tolerated
    • Off-topic conversations are allowed on message walls as long as they are kept there and there only.
    • Off-topic conversations are allowed on message walls as long as they are harmless.
  2. Any off-topic posts in threads that have a different topic will be removed.
    • You should never be off-topic in another conversation that is on a different topic.
    • Any form of sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, ETC) are prohibited on this wiki.

Postings On Discussions

General Rules

  1. Be nice and treat others with respect.
    • Keep discussions civil and be open-minded to opinions.
    • It is not okay to use the discussions on any ATBW show wiki as a hangout or chat room. To chat, click here.
  2. ANY thread or post that solicits upvotes will be deleted.
    • Soliciting upvotes in any way will be deleted. Repeat offenders may get banned.
    • Threads that solicit upvotes is considered spamming and those posts will be deleted.
  3. Any form of