Hailey heights is a show that ran from November 10, 2010 to July 20, 2011, and it stars hailey the stoplight, and a few other characters. This show is combined with 1920's animation and today's animation.

Number Of Seasons 3
First Episode Air Date November 20, 2010
Last Episode Air Date July 20, 2011
Main Characters Hailey, Mutley

Main ProtagonistsEdit

Hailey Heights Edit

Hailey Heights is a stoplight that lives near a dead-end road. He drives a roller coaster on the road and is known for being short tempered at times. Hailey is best known for his catchphrase "Hailey Heights!!" as he is out on his adventures outside his house. He also has a beach behind his house in addition just like the other people that live there on the same side of the road hailey lives in and he has a brother named mutley heights, which is a shy stoplight and is wider than his brother, sometimes having problems fitting in through doors when he goes with hailey and his friends.

Mutley Heights Edit

Mutley is hailey's shy brother and is wider than him, which, at times, he had problems going through a thin door only hailey could fit through. Mutley is often 'Untrusted' as he is not trustworthy to watch hailey's coaster car. In the episode One Goes The Fours, mutley is left in charge to watch hailey's coaster and when hailey and the gang get back he finds his coaster car gone, blaming mutley for it. He also is scared to go near the beach unlike hailey, his brother.

Koopa The Cat Edit

Koopa the cat is hailey's white and black cat neighbor as she lives at the dead end area. She is often scared of water and gets scared easily. She is even short tempered, even more short tempered than hailey, and she has been known to run fast also. The character's name was originally koopa but caused controversy as the name originated from the koopa turtle from Nintendo.