False information on the ATBW wiki is no good, because pages that have nothing to do with ATBW are all considered false information. Users start off with 6 month blocks for breaking this rule first time, second time violations result in 1 year blocks.

What is false information?

False information is when usually an IP address (Sometimes users) insert information that is not true. Anyone can edit, registered or not, but have to follow the policies. False information articles typically include articles that have nothing to do with ATBW, articles that are not shows of ATBW, posting stuff on articles that has nothing to do with ATBW, etc.

Do blocks get permanent?

Users who continue this may get blocked indefinitely, but in most cases, that does not mean permanent (unless for some rule violations like sockpuppetry or Wikia ToU Violations), it only means that admins are uncertain when to unban the user. Until they decide if the user should be unbanned the blocked user remains blocked. Blocks are also not supposed to be meant for punishing users, but are designed to prevent any further disruption or vandalism to the wiki because people work hard here building the community. Admins should also consider discussing the block with the blocking admin first before unblocking.