About These Rules

There are editing policies enforced for the ATBW wiki. Anyone in violation could get blocked from this wiki without warning. There are most certainly boundaries to look out for when editing on the wiki. Any offenses are not tolerated and will result in a warning/block.

Legal Age Requirements

No person under 13 is allowed to join this wiki, and no person in the EEA under 16 is allowed to join this wiki. no exceptions. Far more, anyone under 18 needs to get permission first. Users underage will be blocked until their turn of age.

Editing Policies

  1. When you edit a page, you must always make sure you give out the summary. This will allow other users understand why the page was edited.
  2. Before creating a page, you need to make sure there is not already an article on that subject and get permission from an admin.
  3. Do not add, edit, or remove any categories without admin permission. This way, we can prevent chaos from happening on this wiki.
  4. Vandalism is not tolerated. Any acts of vandalism could mean serious trouble and an admin will take serious disciplinary action.
  5. Do not remove videos from articles. They are there to show other users what the episodes are and to inform users about the show and episode.
  6. You are only allowed to have 1 account on this wiki only. If you are caught with more than one, all accounts will be banned for life.
  7. Spam comments are not tolerated on the articles. They are only to ask further questions about the content of the article. Please use the discussion board for other stuff. Users will be warned.
  8. When you create a page you must always add categories to articles, so that other users will know what they are.
  9. Do not create false or usless articles, any failures to comply will result in a 6 month ban from this wiki.

Keep in mind that any admin may delete or revert edits anytime.

Any failures to comply will be warned/blocked.

Admins here don't ban users to punish them, but to prevent any extensive spam or vandalism.

Rule Violations On Separate ATBW Show Wikis

Each ATBW show wiki has different rules, but this wiki's rules as well as FANDOM's terms of use, ALL apply to those wikis as well. And if you violate those, there could be consequences.

If local rule violations are just in one, just contact a local admin there. If it spreads into other ATBW show wikis, please contact FANDOM staff using Special:Contact, or report it to the VSTF wiki. If the rule was a violation of the ATBW Show Wiki policies, but not FANDOM's terms of use, then please contact ATBW, WarrenSim19 and ElmoPuppe, as they all have blocking privileges on all ATBW show wikis. So for ATBW Show Wiki Rule violations please contact ATBWWarrenSim19 or ElmoPuppe, as they all have blocking privileges locally on those wikis as well. Local wiki administrators here only have blocking privileges here, as they do not have any privileges on other ATBW wikis.