The Daddy Whites Video Game was released in 2005 by ATBW interactive. It is the game based off of the Daddy Whites show, released in 2001.


The Daddy Whites Vide Game features all of the Daddy Whites Characters from the original show (2001 - 2007). In the game Daddy Whites Sr's TV gets stolen and he and his kids venture off to find it. The TV is a large 48" rear projection TV, and when Daddy Whites goes down stairs, he notices the TV was stolen. The team then goes out of the house to find the TV that was stolen by completing 8 levels, each one having stages to complete. The first 6 levels have 10 stages while the 2 last ones have 15. After going to the final boss, their TV is successfully reunited and taken back home.


The game took two years to develop, first starting in late 2003. An advertisement for the game was officially launched in November 2004, and by March 15, 2005, the game was finally released in stores.

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