BambitoTalk was a show by ATBW Fuse that launched on December 20, 2014, and the last episode aired on November 20, 2015. Unlike most entertainment videos like AFV, BambitoTalk is basicially a clip of videos uploaded by users on the BambitoTalk site (now archived) and if they shared it their video would air on the show. The person who posted under the username is shown at the end of each video.

​Show InfoEdit

Number Of Seasons 2
First Episode Air Date December 20, 2014
Last Episode Air Date November 20, 2015
Main Characters Videos

The show was a video show similar to Funniest Pets And People, but with no narration and just videos. The first season started the day it aired and the second season aired in July of 2015. The show aired in 720p quality and 1080p quality in July 2015 for season 2. In different episodes there were various videos composed in the episodes and over 1M viewers were fans. It shares a BambitoTalk logo with the ATBW logo as the trailer and the ATBW fuse logo at the ending outro would have one of the videos play in the background.

Show Beginning (2014)Edit

The show was originally announced on November 20, 2014, saying that it would air on December 20, 2014, which was one month from the show announcement. There was 360 episodes of the show, the most popular being episode 1, having 1M views. More episodes started airing on January 3, 2015, with at least 100K views. The views kept raising high and by March 2015, the views went up to 1M views. The show then kept airing more episodes throughout april because everyone liked the show. In May of 2015, the show had up to 1.5M views with new episodes coming once every now and then. The first episode is still a number one hit despite the show being dead.

Show Cancellation (2015)Edit

The show was ultimately canceled on November 20, 2015, because it had lower views than AFV, and did not compete with other shows to draw attention. Ultimately more people liked AFV than BambitoTalk, which resulted in the show's cancelation. The video views dropped from 1M Views in October of the same year (2015) to just 50K views, and the show no longer made new episodes. The site still exists but is now considered archive and view only. You can still upload them but not air them on TV because of the show's cancellation.