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This is the official ATBW wiki for all things ATBW. This franchise started in 2011 (first taking place on The official establishment of ATBW was claimed to be in 1925, although the actual establishment wasn't actually until 2011. It was popular from 2012 - 2014, but was revived in 2016. The ATBW channel made for it is here. The youtube channel was established on August 22, 2011, though the official channel was established in 2014, which that channel has since been vaccant (three videos uploaded).

ATBW Shows & Movies

There is a fictional show called Amory The Bad Woman, but that's NOT what ATBW stands for. ATBW doesn't stand for anything. Amory the bad woman first started sometime in 2010 (though the ATBW series did not get onto the internet until 2011). There was the ATBW show, which is a show starring zach, hahah, susan and tarrant. There has been claims that there was a show called Imac G3 Girls that came out in 2014, but that show has been debunked. There was also a Harold The Black Minecraft Sheep Movie, which also is false. That movie has been believed to have been released in December of 2013, but not true since the movie is false. The welovebrains9649thecookwarren show IS real though, with two season. However they are only in playlists uploaded under a different Zach McEwen account. The episodes ran from January 25, 2014 to February 1, 2014.


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