ATBW Super 8Edit

ATBW Super 8

ATBW Super 8

ATBW Super 8 is a special episode of the ATBW show (2013). It is yet another spinoff episode of ATBW's The ATBW Show, airing in 2014. The episode stars with zach, jeffery and fender, riding a train car to get to their destination but their train crashes and they start exploring only to find themselves in a huge situation. A little intro is shown before the actual beginning.

The PlotEdit

Episode: Special Spinoff
Upload Date March 12, 2014.
Starring Characters Zach, Jeffery, Fender

The beginning of the episode there is a coffee mug and a lamp on a table like you would see in the game. Then there are crates and a portable work closet beside them. Zach and jeffery are sitting down at their table while fender drives the train. During that part jeffery listens to an AM station fender is using to tell the boys. During that, jeffery plays with the modem to get a better signal. The U.S.A map is also shown as well then jeffery tells zach of the cartriges (which were crates). Then the windows that were covered with a metal plate the metal plates were dropped down and they see some light going through their train car as they pass. Then jeffery reminds zach that they are about to crash. Fender tells zach and jeff they are about to go off the track and he immediately blows the horn. Jeffery yells "WATCH OUT!!!!" then the train crashes as it fell off the track, causing the three to fly out of the train during the train's explosion. Afterwards the boys then find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, so they decide to find out where they are and go exploring the place they're stranded at. Jeffery asks "what are we doing out here in the middle of the night?", then zach replies "i don't know let's go further." Then the boys decide to go further out and explore, finding their train blown up. The train blows up twice when they go to their train and the second time the train blows up completely. After seeing their remains of the train blowing up they go out more and find themselves near a telephone pole line which explodes shortly after they walk there, which explodes. Jeffery yells to zach that it is a power outage and then the boys go to a shed that puts themselves in serious danger. Jeffery tells fender that he wants to play his game then fender replies to him "you're always wanting to play your game" and tells him to stop. Afterwards the shed they're in front of starts exploding to pieces and shortly after a monster with one orange eye and one pink eye pops out of the shed and things get serious. They later return home and then the boys are doing their hobbies.

Train TheoryEdit

There are numerous episode theories about how zach, jeffery and fender crashed their train when going home. The bridge the train went over may have been broken by another passing train prior to the boy's mission. Fender simply ignored saftey laws as he tried to drive the train. Some say the light spinning could be why he crashed, but that's not really true. The theory claims that a CSX train carrying heavy shipping containers all with metal pipes, and that could have been how the bridge collapsed, and that could have been how the boys fell off the track.

Shortly after crashing, the boys then get out of the train and start exploring the area they are stranded in. The area is described by an abandoned industry area and wide creek with a forest on the other side. The creek was not seen in the episode but it was by the power lines which exploded shortly after the train crashed. Zach and Jeffery are in the train sitting at a table with an AM/FM radio transmitter (modem in the episode) and a picture of the US map is seen. There is also a desk in the car with a coffee mug and a table lamp.

ATBW Super 8 Game Theory Edit

There is an ATBW Super 8 game but that is false. The game was released in April of 2014 despite not existing. The episode is similar to the super 8 game but your characters are zach, jeffery and fender. There is no game in existence and there has never been such game.

Facts about this spinoffEdit

  • In one of the clips of the intro there has been a claim that ATBW first started in 2006 though ATBW did not make it to the internet until July 22, 2011.
  • This episode was inspired from a Super 8 Teaser Trailer, uploaded 3 years earlier.
  • This episode was the last episode to feature the cartoony eyes on the characters.
  • The houses that are in the end were originally from the ATBW Jaws Movie, which was made September 1, 2013.