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This page contains a full policy of rules that apply to this wiki, as well as our sister wikis. If any of these are broken, there may be consequences.

FANDOM's Terms of Use applies to all sister wikis of the wiki. And failure to abide by them will result in a ban from all those wikis, plus every wiki in the FANDOM network. No swearing is tolerated in either way.

Sister Wiki Policies

These rules apply to all sister wikis to this wiki, and they must ALL be followed at all times.

  1. Do not infringe, copy, steal, or plagarize any ATBW article from ANY ATBW show wiki.
  2. Do not threaten, harass, abuse or intimidate anyone on those wikis.
  3. Do not spam, scam or post irrelevant or unrelated content on ANY ATBW show wiki.
  4. Do not say or talk about inappropriate things on ANY ATBW show wiki.
  5. Do not ban evade any block given by an ATBW Star, whether it applies to all show wikis or not.
  6. Do not use ANY ATBW Show Wiki in school or if you are on probation.

ATBW wiki administrators who have blocking privileges on all ATBW show wikis are ATBW, WarrenSim19 and ElmoPuppe. If these rules are violated, contact one of these admins. If it violates FANDOM's terms of use, consider contacting FANDOM Staff using Special:Contact.