ATBW In The YouTube Copyright School

ATBW In The YouTube Copyright School

The ATBW Copyright school 2017 remake is a remake of the original YouTube copyright center episode where zach learns a valuable lesson on copyright infringement. It is the remake of video made 4 years earlier and the original episode was inspired by YouTube's copyright infringement video which is where russel from happy tree friends learns valuable lessons about copyright infringement. This is the same thing zach does.

Episode PlotEdit

Episode #1
Upload Date September 11, 2017
Starring Zach
Featuring Jeffery

Zach and his friends, jeffery, fender and dark zach go to see jeffery's movie at the movie theater. Zach decides to upload jeffery's work without permission on the internet but he learns that it is against the law to upload work that he does not own. He was told he could get in trouble if he stole any movies that are not his or doesn't have permission to use. He is then told that stealing someone's videos without the permission is considered copyright infringement and was told that he could not upload any videos without permission. His video called Yoshi Fight was stolen. He is then told that when he uploads a video without permission he could get in serious big trouble for stealing videos. He is told that he could lose his money, or worse, his account. He is told he only gets one chance or his account will be deleted. The narrator then tells zach that loosing his account is no fun and neither is loosing his money that he works for and to not be a Youtube copycatter and to make his own videos. Zach then decides to record jeffery's work but is told that is also copyright infringement as well. and is told that that filming someone's else's work without permission rather than copying it is still considered copyright infringement. He does make his own video afterwards but steals jeffery's video audio. He is told that he also needs to have permission to publish the music and is also considered copyright. He is then told that putting the music without permission is also copyright infringement and he has to have permission to use it in his videos

Episode DifferencesEdit

Behalf on the original, this remake has differences compared to the original video

  • There's four people sitting in the theater instead of just 3 like in the original video. That fourth person is dark zach, who hasn't been featured in the original episode yet.
  • This remake is animated (mouth-sync) talking is added in the episode.
  • This episode's YouTube knows cutaways are simply redone in the remake, the YouTube logo is custom made in paint in contrast with the original 2013 episode.
  • The texture of the episode has smoother lines compared to the original 2013 make, and it is also outlined in addition.